Executive Summary : Migration Policy Framework for Africa and Plan of Action (2018 – 2030)

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Executive Summary

During their 74th Ordinary Session in July 2001, The Organisation of African Union Council of Ministers called for the development of a migration policy framework in light of the development potential and challenges posed by migration. This resulted in the AU Migration Policy Framework for Africa (MPFA), which was adopted in Banjul, the Gambia, in 2006. Ten years later, in 2016, the AU Commission (AUC) conducted an evaluation of the MPFA regarding its efficiency, its implementation challenges and opportunities that could be seized, relevance and whether there was a need for revision. At their meeting of November 2016, AU Member States and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) acknowledged that migration is dynamic, and that migration trends and patterns on the Continent had changed over the past ten years. In line with their recommendation for the AUC to update the MPFA and formulate a plan of action for its implementation, the “Migration Policy Framework for Africa and Plan of Action (2018 – 2030)” is a revised, strategic document that builds on the achievements and challenges of the previous MPFA to guide Member States and RECs in the management of migration, reflecting the current migration dynamics in Africa. It is the result of an inclusive and participatory process involving different departments at the AUC.

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