Hon. Prof. Massouda Laghdaf tapped to lead APNAC’s electoral process


Hon. Prof. Massouda Mohamed Laghdaf (Mrs.), First-Vice President of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) was designated as the Chairperson of the Electoral Committee responsible for managing the election of new members of the African Parliamentarians’ Network Against Corruption (APNAC) Board, at the currently underway 8th Biennial General Meeting of the network in Cotonou.

Organisers cited her vast experience and the PAP’s leadership role on the continent as reasons for unanimously choosing Hon.Prof. Laghdaf to preside over the process.

The APNAC is meeting in Cotonou to renew its leadership in a bid to re-launch its activities to to forge a path toward the strengthening and institutionalization of the Network in the fight against corruption.

Other members of the Electoral Committee included:

- Rapporteur : General Mohamed Salama, Chairperson of the Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities of Africa from Egypt

- Member: Dr Rasheed Draman, Executive Director of the African Center for Parliamentary Affairs (ACEPA).

Rt. Hon.Louis Gbèhounou Vlavonou, Speaker of the National Assembly of Benin was elected as the new President of the APNAC’s Board.