Africa Green Climate Finance National Designated Authorities Network (AFDAN) launched


The Pan-African Parliament delegation to COP27 has taken part in a side event to launch the Africa Green Climate Finance National Designated Authorities Network (AFDAN). The main objective of the launch was to amplify and raise Africa’s voice on enhanced ambition for the mobilization of green finances between the African and developed country parties during the Finance Day to be organized alongside COP27.

The event also sought to encourage increased climate finance flows and intra-African exchange, coordination, and cooperation to accelerate the transformation towards the green and blue economy.

Intervening as a panellist during the launch, Hon. Didier Molisho Sadi, Chairperson of the PAP Permanent Committee on Rural Economy, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment said that there are financial resources available at the national level and it’s the role of Parliamentarians to ensure that these are allocated towards transition and green recovery in Africa.

“One of the reasons why the previous COPs have not delivered is because outcomes of negotiations are not included in the national development plans. For instance, many African legislatures are currently holding their budget sessions. Let’s ensure that these budgets reflect deliberations at COP27 especially as the issue of finance takes centre stage during these deliberations, said Hon. Sadi.

Present at the launch, Hon. Lucia Dos Passos, 3rd Vice President of the PAP echoed the sentiment. She said that attending gatherings like COP27 must not be the only objective. There should be constant follow-up by Parliamentarians on key decisions.