PAP plays a key role in advancing human rights and rule of law in Africa - African Court on Human and People’s Rights


African Court Judge, Hon. Lady Justice Tujilane Chizumila has expressed satisfaction with the critical role the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) plays in advancing the cause of human rights and the rule of law in Africa. 

She said this while addressing the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline during the Sitting of Permanent Committees of the sixth Parliament of PAP currently happening in Midrand, South Africa, held under the African Union theme, “Accelerating the implementation of African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)”

Hon. Justice Chizumila praised the PAP for its consistent dedication to strengthening democratic institutions and culture, good governance, transparency, and the rule of law. She also stated that the PAP's various programmes and efforts have proved its commitment to promoting human rights and democracy.

“The Parliament has demonstrated its commitment to promoting human rights and democracy through its various programs and initiatives, including the establishment of a Committee on Justice and human rights, which we greatly acknowledge and commend,” she said.

Hon. Justice Chizumila also spoke about the Continental Legislature's role in promoting gender equality and combating gender-based violence. She also feels that a partnership between the PAP and the African Court can help the African Union achieve its goals.

“We believe that by promulgating continental-wide policies and legislation, the PAP can help promote gender equality, eliminate gender-based violence, and ensure that women and other vulnerable groups are empowered to participate fully in all spheres of life. In the spirit of solidarity for a common purpose, the Court may take inspiration from those policies and legislation in interpreting and applying human rights norms with a view to ensuring that the rights of these groups are respected, protected and fulfilled.

She further emphasised that the African Court is committed to working closely with the PAP in promoting and protecting human rights in Africa.

“We believe that by working together, we can make significant progress in achieving the objectives of the African Union and the aspirations of the African people.”