Migration, Human Rights, and Unconstitutional Changes of Government take centre stage as Joint Meetings of Permanent Committees continue in Addis Ababa, Bujumbura, and Midran


Members of the eleven Permanent Committees are consulting on the roles, responsibilities, and legislative actions of Pan-African Parliamentarians on the critical issues facing the continent.

The nexus between migration and human rights has been extensively discussed by members of the Continental Parliament who are convening in three different member states of the African Union until November 24, 2023.

Various presentations have highlighted that population movements are often driven by economic, political, social, and environmental factors. When it comes to the rights of migrants, migration, and human rights, this raises crucial questions regarding the design and development of national and community legislation and public policy, as they encompass the overall management of population movements, fundamental freedoms, and good governance policies.

Regarding the issue of unconstitutional changes of government in Africa, in relation to good governance, which involves situations where a government is illegally overthrown or changes the existing constitution in violation of the fundamental principles of the rule of law, participants are reviewing various violations, including military coups, attempts to illegitimately extend presidential terms, fraudulent elections, and constitutional manipulations aimed at allowing a third term, among others. These events are often considered unconstitutional because they contravene the laws and rules outlined in the constitutions of African countries.

Lastly, African Parliamentarians are undergoing training in parliamentary diplomacy to strengthen international relations, encourage the peaceful resolution of conflicts, promote human rights, and stimulate economic cooperation.

The Permanent Committees are meeting jointly as follows:

Bujumbura, Burundi 20 -24 November 2023:

The Committee on Health, Labour and Social Affairs; Committee on Monetary and Financial Affairs; Committee on Gender, Family, Youth and People with Disability and Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: 20-24 November 2023:

The Committee on Audit and Public Accounts (CAPA) the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline; the Committee on Trade, Customs and Immigration Matters and the Committee on Rural Economy, Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment.

Midrand, South Africa: 20-24 November 2023:

The Committee on Transport, Industry, Communications, Energy, Science and Technology; the Committee on Cooperation, International Relations and Conflict Resolutions and the Committee on Education, Culture, Tourism and Human Resources.