PAP Acting President congratulates President Tshisekedi on his re-election


Hon. Dr. Ashebir W. Gayo, Acting President of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), has conveyed the Continental Parliament’s congratulatory message to H.E. Felix Tshisekedi following his reelection as the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

On December 20, 2023, millions of voters in the DRC participated in the synchronized general elections to choose national, provincial, and local public representatives. Hon. Dr. Gayo described President Tshisekedi’s reelection as a clear vote of confidence by the people of DRC in his leadership.

“Your re-election is a testament to the trust and confidence that the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have placed in your leadership. We commend your dedication to public service and the progress achieved under your guidance during your first term,” says Hon. Dr. Gayo.

He added: “We believe that under your visionary and strong leadership, the Democratic Republic of Congo will certainly consolidate and expand the gains made during your first term in office for the benefit of your people and the African continent.”

The Acting President led the Pan-African Parliament delegation that formed part of the African Union observer mission (AUEOM) to last month’s elections in DRC with the aim to support the democratization process, and to ensure the consolidation of democratic governance, peace, and stability. In this regard, Hon. Dr. Gayo has pledged the Parliament’s support to the people and government of DRC.

“As you embark on your second term, may your vision for a united, prosperous, and stable Democratic Republic of the Congo continue to guide your efforts. The Pan-African Parliament looks forward to witnessing the further development and growth of your nation under your leadership.

We remain committed to fostering unity and cooperation among African nations, and we express our desire for continued collaboration between the Pan-African Parliament and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo,” he concluded.