The specific objectives of the Pan-African Parliament are to:

  1.  Give a voice to the African peoples and the Diaspora;
  2.  Facilitate the effective implementation of the policies and objectives of the African Union;
  3.  Promote the principle of human rights and democracy in Africa;
  4.  Encourage good governance, transparency and accountability in Member States;
  5.  Familiarize the peoples of Africa with the objectives and policies on the political and socioeconomic integration of the continent;
  6.  Promote peace, security and stability;
  7.  Contribute to a more prosperous future for the peoples of Africa by promoting collective self-reliance and economic recovery;
  8.  Facilitate cooperation and development in Africa;
  9.  Strengthen continental solidarity and build a sense of common destiny among the peoples of Africa;
  10.  Facilitate cooperation among Regional Economic Communities and their Parliamentary fora;
  11.  Encourage National and Regional Parliaments to ratify and integrate treaties adopted by the AU into their legal systems;
  12.  Cooperate with National and Regional Parliaments and similar bodies within and outside Africa as well as civil societies, community-based organizations and grassroots organizations;

The constitutive Act