The Bureau is responsible for:

  1.     The management and administration of the affairs and facilities of Parliament and its organs.
  2.     Regulating the procedures relating to the financial, organizational and administrative needs in accordance with Financial Rules of the AU and matters concerning Members and the internal      organization of Parliament and its organs.
  3.     Determining the draft agenda and the programmes of the sessions of Parliament.
  4.     Determining the establishment, plan and structure of the Secretariat and lay down regulations for the staff, including their terms and conditions of service.
  5.     Proposing to Parliament for adoption the establishment and job descriptions of its support staff.
  6.     Proposing, to the Pan African Parliament, the appointment of the Clerk and Deputy Clerks to Parliament.
  7.     The preparation of the draft budget and its presentation to the responsible Committee.
  8.     Coordinating and harmonizing the functions of Permanent Committees.
  9.     Any other matters in accordance with the directives issued by Parliament.
  10.     Carrying out any other functions as may be prescribed by Parliament or incidental to these functions.