APRM looks to PAP for respect of the rule of law in Africa


The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) has called on the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) to continue its efforts to foster respect for the rule of law and good governance in the continent.

The plea was made by APRM’s Acting Director of Operations Mr. Ferdinand Katendeko during a presentation to the PAP Committee on Justice and Human Rights. The presentation pertained to APRM Sensitisation to PAP on African Governance Report 2023 on Unconstitutional Changes of Government.

Mr. Katendeko addressed the Committee on the margins of the Sitting of Permanent Committees of the PAP currently happening in Midrand, South Africa. The Sitting is being held under the African Union (AU) theme for 2023, ”Accelerating the implementation of African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).”

‘You are representing different communities, and you are the conduit between the grassroots in and the leadership. Therefore it is imperative that you continue playing the part of fostering respect for the rule of law and creating a conducive environment to fulfil legitimate aspirations for stability, sustainable economic and social development based on good governance,” said Mr. Katendeko.

He also revealed that Africa Governance Report (AGR)2023 will soon be presented to the PAP.

“APRM and its stakeholders will soon make validations of the Africa Governance Report (AGR)2023, publicise and present it to PAP,” said Katendeko. We count on this house to assist in the implementation of the recommendations contained in the report. We believe the PAP can influence governments’ decisions and policies by passing legislation and mobilizing support for this report and other APRM instruments.”

The APRM is an autonomous organ of the African Union (AU), voluntarily acceded to by member states of the AU, which is mandated to foster the adoption of policies, standards and practices that lead to political stability, high economic growth, sustainable development and accelerated economic integration.