War in Sudan: PAP holds a two-day consultation seeking conflict resolution


The Sudanese conflict, which broke of over a month ago, has left hundreds dead and hundreds of thousand either homeless or fleeing the country. Convening in Midrand for the Second Ordinary Session of the Sixth Parliament of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Pan-African Parliamentarians held a debate on the resurging armed conflicts on the African continent, and how these conflicts have been hampering development, peace and unity of Africa.

The PAP’s debate on seeking conflict resolution and silencing the guns comes at a time when the continental legislative body has resolved to play a more prominent role in promoting peace and security, in line with its mandate within the African Union (AU) architecture. The Parliament has called on the leadership of the AU and all stakeholders to come up with concrete solutions not only to end the conflict in Sudan, but also in the DRC, CAR, Mali, Somalia, Libya and many other affected countries.

During his briefing to members of the PAP on the ongoing situation in Sudan, the Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan accredited to South Arica, H.E. Osama Mahjoub Hassan Dirar, mentioned that even though the war in Sudan was happening internally, its impact will spill over and spread into the region. “The tension in Sudan requires a fast-tracked intervention because it is a threat to the region. Honorable members, I want to assure you that the solidarity of the Sudanese people during this tough period is proof that they will overcome and come out strong from these trials and tribulations. We as the people of Sudan, welcome the AU, PAP and the Arab league to move swiftly with interventions to prevent continued loss of life”, said H.E Osama Dirar.

In his presentation to the PAP Plenary, the President of the Sudanese Community in Gauteng and Representative of Sudan Solidarity Group in South Africa, Mr. Khalid Dahab bemoaned the conflicts stating that it was an evil war of two greedy men killing innocent civilians. “The war in my country has caused untold suffering of the Sudanese people because two men’s egos clashed and started killing and destroying the country, as I speak, my own sister and her family have been displaced and fled the country. I appeal to you today that you help us the people of Sudan to end this catastrophic and tragic event. ” reacted Mr. Dahab.

Chairing the debate, PAP President, Hon.Chief Charumbira agreed that time had come for the PAP and the entire AU to come up with African solutions and interventions meant African people. “The Union and us as PAP, have a huge task, all eyes are on us and it is up to us to show the world that we can achieve peace on our own, we should not be silent on such matters and if possible, we should be in a position to sanction any member state that is found violating and abusing human rights, women and children”, the President said.

Several members of the Continental Parliament took turns to express their condemnation of the war. Female Parliamentarians were unanimous in indicating that the worrying situation is a direct violation of human rights, as the most affected were the women and children. They further weighed in on the issue of abuse of women and children and urged that PAP should play its mandatory role in ensuring that a peace deal be made as soon as possible.

A solution is yet to be found concerning a peace deal between the two fighting forces, it remains a dark period for the people of Sudan. So far as of 17 May 2023, according to UNOCHA, over 936,000 people have been displaced by the conflict, of which 7362,000 people displaced internally. Another 200,000 people gave crossed into neighbouring countries, notably into Egypt, Chad, Ethiopia and South Sudan.