Pan-African Parliament Secretariat begins retreat to enhance focus on results-oriented strategies


The Secretariat of the Pan-African Parliament is convening in the North West Province of South Africa for a four-day Retreat. The objective of this gathering for the personnel is to enhance organizational performance by adopting results-based and sustainable approaches, focusing on achieving tangible outcomes.

The Retreat further aims to facilitate continuous improvement through data-informed decisions and feedback. Over the next days, the Retreat will focus on enhancing the implementation of Results-Based Management in the Pan-African Parliament. Staff will also gain insights on the African Union’s performance against #Agenda2063 objectives, the Second Ten-Year Implementation Plan (STYIP), and their practical delivery through Union-wide 5-Year strategies. The crucial role of the Pan-African Parliament in effectively achieving these ambitions through a results-based approach will be emphasized. Additionally, staff will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Pan-African Parliament’s strategy, particularly in relation to Human and Institutional Capacity and funding perspectives.

Addressing the Pan-African Parliament personnel gathered at the Sun City Establishment outside of Johannesburg, H.E. Chief Fortune Charumbira, President of the Pan-African Parliament, called on all to take responsibility for the future of the institution and its role within the African Union architecture. He urged staff to start by understanding the Parliament's origins for context and to make efforts to navigate challenges to ensure the institution makes an impact.

"You are here to comprehend how your work at the Pan-African Parliament aligns with the broader objectives of the African Union . Your offices should not hinder the Union's service to African citizens. This retreat must therefore redefine our programs by clearly delineating outputs, outcomes, and impact,” said H.E Charumbira.

The ongoing Staff Retreat, set to conclude on 10 June 2024, features plenary presentations, group work and discussions led by African Union experts in monitoring, evaluation, and programming, with the aim to enhance focus on achieving targeted results, improve monitoring and evaluation practices. The Retreat is taking place ahead of the 3rd Ordinary Session of the Sixth Parliament and in preparation for the second half of the year.