African Union Peace and Security Council calls for sustained collaboration with the PAP


The Chairperson of the African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council (PSC), H.E Ambassador Emilia Ndinelao Mkusa has urged the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) to work collaboratively with the Council and other organs of the Union in achieving peace, security and stability in Africa.

The call was made to a plenary session of the PAP during a presentation and debate about advancing democratic governance, and peace and security, through the implementation of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) and Enhanced Citizen Engagement, led by the Permanent Committee on Cooperation, International Relations and Conflict Resolution.

H.E. Mkusa underlined that AU’s Roadmap of Silencing the Guns by 2030 will only be achieved through a partnership between the AU and PAP, as a representation of African citizens.

“The PSC has serious concerns about the threats to security, coups, and terrorism in countries like Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, Sudan, DRC, Rwanda, and Mozambique. While we have made a lot of progress in resolving conflict in some countries, in others there are a lot of challenges. Over the last two years, we had to suspend four member states as a result of internal strife (Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea and Sudan). We need to do more to address these concerns and a collaboration with the PAP is paramount,” said Ambassador Mkusa

Echoing the same sentiment, the President of the PAP, H. E. Hon. Chief Fortune Charumbira recognised that although good progress has been made in bringing about peace across Africa, there are challenges that could derail the effort to “Silence the Guns” by 2030.

“As a parliament, we need to put our best foot forward if the desire for peace and security is pursued. The PAP should be an ally to the AU to combat civil strife. We need closer collaboration between the PSC and the PAP in a strategic partnership to achieve sustainable peace,” said H.E Hon. Charumbira.

Meanwhile, a Report of the meeting of the Committee on Cooperation, International Relations and Conflict Resolution on a Proposed Model Law on Nationality and Statelessness was also presented at the Plenary by Committee Chairperson, Hon. Dr Eng. Sherif El Gabaly.

“PAP must always ensure that the desire for peace and security is observed in the continent. We need a peaceful Africa and stability for us to win the struggle for development for our people. We want Africans to work in unity to avoid conflicts. We need to move forward as a block in everything we do,” said Hon. Dr Eng. El Gabaly.

The engagements were held as part of the ongoing Ordinary Session, which is being held under the African Union theme for 2022, “Building resilience in nutrition on the African continent: Accelerate the human capital, social and economic development”.