No other means to changing power or government; Democracy is the way to Prosperity - Commissioner Adeoye.


The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) Permanent Committee on Cooperation, International Relations and Conflicts Resolution was addressed by the African Union Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security (PAPS), Ambassador Bankole Adeoye, in Midrand South Africa as the Sitting of PAP Permanent Committees continues. An overview of the African political situation was first given by Commissioner Adeoye, indicating that more than 60 percentage of youths in Africa are unemployed worsening terrorism in Africa, and birthing political instability in Central, Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern parts of the continent.

He, however, did not mince as he cautioned that unconstitutional change of government would not be curdled, tolerated and left unattended by the African Union (AU). The suspension of four member States (Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea and Sudan) from the AU was said to be an illustration that the AU is unequivocal about preserving peace, security, and stability while ensuring adherence to the constitutional order in each AU member state.

"Democracy is our way to Prosperity. It may not be the best form (of government transitions) but so far we have no other means to changing power or changing government," said Commissioner Adeoye.

It was indicated that the AU was is battling with silencing guns in all the regions for the past two decades. In East Africa, Central Africa Republic, Cameroon and the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo are in rebellion attacks, with the latter said to be the most dangerous as it may generate into inter-states conflicts. The situation in North Africa was said to be still dire, in Libya and Tunisia. His Excellency Ambassador Adeoye informed the committee that an Adhoc Committee has been established for Libya, and met last month at the sidelines of the AU summit, to find a lasting solution to Libya's conflict through mediation.

The story was different in East Africa as the Ethiopian conflict in the Tigray region seems to have been resolved as guns have remained silent from 02 November 2022, because of the AU mediation through the former president of Nigeria, His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo.

In addressing how the Political Affairs, Peace and Security, the department should engage with the PAP committee, the Commissioner said, “We need this committee to be more effective in the areas of international cooperation, relations and conflicts resolution. We are overwhelmed by the threats and unfolding repercussions, and rabble effects in our various countries over challenges that seem to be endless. We need cost efforts. This is the committee that should be fully deployed to areas of conflict."

Among the AU's efforts for peace and security stability in the continent is the Malabo Declaration of May 2022, which speaks to a robust response to conflicts, commitment to deepen democracy and collective security by all Member States.