PAP Annual Joint Planning Meeting opens in Johannesburg


The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) leadership structures, led by the Bureau and including the Bureaus of the Permanent Committees and Regional Caucuses, Women’s Caucus and Youth Caucus, have convened for the Annual Joint Planning Meeting to adopt the work plans and budgets.

The three-day meeting sees the participation of various members of Parliament and the Secretariat. The consultation also seeks to take stock of the recently concluded first Ordinary Session of the sixth Parliament, with the PAP leadership expected to adopt a result-oriented approach in tackling resolutions and recommendations undertaken at the conclusion of the last statutory meeting.

In his opening remarks, the PAP President, H.E Hon. Chief Fortune Charumbira reiterated that the success of the first Ordinary Session of the sixth Parliament was premised on exceptional leadership and teamwork.

“We are pleased by the commitment shown by everyone and encourage Members and Staff to continue working together for the success of our institution,” said H.E. Hon. Charumbira, called for continued “Reviving, Renewing, Repositioning and Reinvigorating the PAP.

H.E Hon. Charumbira also underscored that the Joint Planning Meeting provides an opportunity for the PAP to review the past year's performance and plan for the forthcoming year.

“We must move away from the conventional manner approach used to date. We hope that all the Permanent Committees have applied the SMART principle in developing their work plans. The objectives must be SMART, the purpose must be clear and the results must be verifiable and impactful to the citizenry,” said H.E Hon Charumbira.

The President further urged the Committees to implement at least one activity before the end of the year and at least two activities before the March Sittings. However, the activities, as alluded to earlier, must have a clear purpose, clear deliverables and specific timelines.

“The Committee on Audit and Public Accounts (CAPA) for instance, must focus on addressing all the audit observations that, again, create a negative image of the PAP. The Committee on Monetary and Financial Affairs must start preparing the 2024 Budget and ensure that it is not skewed solely towards Staff emoluments but focuses on the core business of the PAP. Regional Caucuses must pay attention to enhancing the PAP's visibility and repairing the institution's image in the eyes of a sceptical public. Staff must focus on delivering support services that meet and exceed the expectations of the Bureau and PAP Members.

“I am reminding the meeting that it is what each one of us does every day in driving the mandate of the PAP that will determine the success our success and repair the perception by the public,” he added emphasising that “Our daily acts must, therefore, be focused on “Reviving, Renewing, Repositioning and Reinvigorating the PAP.