CONSIDERING Article 17 of the Constitutive Act of the African Union, which establishes the Pan-African Parliament;

CONSIDERING also Article 3 of the Protocol to the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community Relating to the Pan-African Parliament;

RECALLING that the African Leaders in 2014, through the Malabo Declaration and its implementation strategy and roadmap, committed themselves to halve poverty and end hunger by 2025 by increasing agricultural investment to at least 10% of government budgets; encouraging women and youth in agricultural businesses and boosting intra-African agricultural trade;

NOTING that the conflict in Ukraine and Russia has a global impact on vulnerable populations especially in Africa - fertiliser prices in Africa have gone up by 300%, and the continent faces a fertiliser shortage of about 2 million metric tons due to restrictions on shipping, banking, insurance and other related goods transactions logistics.

EMPHASIZING that diminished access by African farmers to the global fertiliser market will have catastrophic consequences in Africa in 2023 – according to the African Development Bank, food production in Africa will decline by at least 20% and the continent could lose over $11 billion in food production value;

FURTHER NOTING that individual countries that impose direct or indirect sanctions and related decisions to restrict the flow of fertiliser inputs to the global market bear the primary responsibility for this risk;

ACKNOWLEDGING that the food problem noted will go beyond starvation as huge African population will not be energized to be productive and hence rendered into slavery.

CONCERNED that illegal migration into Europe will skyrocket as a result of envisaged food shortage.

RECOGNIZING that failure to take decisive action by the appropriate countries and international institutions will cause hunger, migration and create a threat to future peace and prosperity in not only Africa but Europe and the World at large.

STRESSING that Africa cannot allow its vital human needs to be sacrificed;


CREATE a Fact-Finding Mission with immediate effect to assess the impact of current sanction-related fertiliser shortages and to address themselves to the relevant governments and institution with particular reference to:

(i) PAP Bureau without further delay to exert maximum effort to stop this war by playing mediation role amongst all conflicting parties and actors among others Russia, Ukraine, USA, the EU etc

(ii) in possible strong terms condemn the sanctions imposed on Africa food security and demanding the parties imposed sanctions to lift them immediately as they are impacting Africa’s vital food supply chain.

(iii) PAP bureau call upon the people Africa and its leaders to step up and fight for the right of African people especially to stop the unilateral decisions on the fate and future of Africa without consulting Africa which was inherited from its former colonial powers.

IV) to create platform where all the stake holders will debate and discuss how to handle the African food security issue.

V) PAP should send delegation to Russia, Ukraine, USA, UN, EU, EU Security Council, Germany, France, UN Security Council etc.

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